New Lunch Condo in Treasure at Tampines

Treasure at Tampines is probably the most widely known new launch condominium advancement in Singapore F- certainly because of its large variety of units (2,203 units, if you require any suggestions).

For the near future, it’s tough to see how any type of new launches will be displacing its “throne” as Singapore’s most booming development. Probably when Pine Grove, Chinese Gardens, or Braddell View ever goes en bloc – 3,000 units anybody?

You’ll find that most of the testimonial centres around the variety of units, generally because it is a massive factor of opinion with many people considering the Treasure at Tampines.

I can recognize the problem here – there’s absolutely nothing else quite like it in Singapore at the moment.

If you are on the fence concerning the focus of units, the nearest feasible contrast would be the D’Leedon condominium at Farrer Road.

With 1,715 units on 840,049 square feet of land, it has practically 500 units much less on a larger land size of virtually 200,000 square feet – that’s just as good as one whole Stirling Residences larger.

So if you ask me, after seeing it in this perspective – also D’Leedon does not really come close.

For those that still have trouble comprehending the range of the dimension of Treasure at Tampines, let me try as well as provide you a far better frame of reference. At 2,203 units, that’s like a JadeScape as well as Sims Urban Sanctuary assembled (1,206 + 1,024 units).

Or, you can look at it as 2 Chinese Gardens (1,000 units x 2), except that they would certainly be sitting on a complete land dimension of 2 million square feet of land – more than 3 times the dimension of Treasure at Tampines.

Probably the best method to obtain an accurate representation is to calculate the density of each advancement to see which various other advancements you can possibly contrast it to.

  • Treasure at Tampines (648,889/ 2,206 = 294 sqft per unit).
  • D’Leedon (840,049/ 1,715 = 490 sqft each).
  • Sims Urban Sanctuary (257,164/ 1,024 = 251 sqft each).

Surprisingly, Treasure at Tampines does include a fairly respectable almost 300 square feet of land per unit. Compare this to Sims Urban Oasis and also it does appear in a lot more positive light.

So could we conclude that claims of Treasure at Tampines being excessively crowded are now unjustified? Well, now for the following litmus test – are there enough facilities to support the variety of units? Allow’s learn.

Treasure At Tampines Layout
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